Some plant all twisty

I’ll never remember that I’ve remapped capslock to control.

Puppet issued me a set of Sony MDR-7506s eight years ago, and they’re still pretty much my favorite thing to listen with. I’m lucky to have a discrete home office space, so noise cancellation isn’t a huge deal for me, but being able to keep them on my head for hours at a time is.

Tea-time game-changer

This pretty good Pi-hole management app has a widget to disable filtering for a minute or 5, making it easier to stick with the pi-hole.


omg thread

Finally got around to buying a Logi Vertical mouse over the weekend. Between playing with split and compact keyboards, assorted mice/trackpads, foot rests, and three different desk chairs in the past year, my body is beginning to feel less like a body and more like a puzzle box.

The Foster Floodplain, until the recent heavy rains, had a tree I liked a lot. Every time I’d go out there with a camera I’d take a picture, trying to sort of … solve it, I guess. I could see a picture, but I couldn’t get the conditions I needed to get the picture. Too much foliage, light wasn’t right, couldn’t separate it from the background. Just about two years ago I got my best picture of it on a foggy morning. It still wasn’t quite right, and I kept looking for the moment. A few weeks ago, I kind of got close a second time.

This week, after heavy floods, I went back to the floodplain and the tree was gone. I guess it finally toppled in the flooded ground. I don’t think I ever solved it, but I did love it very much.

“Once we recognize that all things are impermanent, we have no problem enjoying them.” — Thich Nhat Hanh


Dry Creek Falls

Best lower back therapy. Finally got out on the new Pranayama today. Initial impression: A notch better than my favorite, the Pantheon Trip.

I want to write up the mini soon, but the main anecdote I will offer is that even running under Rosetta , Lightroom Classic is so much better behaved than it ever was on a 16” MBP. Syncing a lot of RAWs always made the fans spin up and made the machine close to unusable for other stuff. I once kicked a sync off during a Zoom call and had to pause it because the machine couldn’t keep up. On the m1 mini, I forget that it is syncing. No fan, everything stays smooth and responsive.

It is hard for me to fathom the way the “economy” end of Apple’s lineup is outperforming the “middle of the high end” machine I had for comparison. Just imagine a Beowulf cluster of these things.

Outside the Karabiner bug I just discovered, it has also been a very smooth transition. Most of my apps are ported to Apple silicon, and the only one that both remains unported and doesn’t work at all is Starcraft: Remastered.

Very fond of my m1 Mac mini, but was not fond of the weird “pink screen of death at logout” crasher. Removed a lot of kexts, etc. but it turns out for me & others that it was Karabiner. Longest issue thread:…

A quick search of a solid 20 years worth of email tells me I do not use the word “Valhalla” very often, and also reminds me it is time to rewatch The 13th Warrior.

Today my Pantheon Pranayama arrived after moooonths of waiting list and preorder hang time. TKP trucks, plush 85mm wheels, just enough flex. Can’t wait to take this out.

Building the panic room

I’ve done three projects over the past six months or so: I made a patio cover and built a sectional for it, I did an easy-to-revert conversion of our garage into a home theater, and I built a loft for Ben.

The loft project started when Ben said he wanted to rearrange his space a little. We looked at it, and talked about his options, but I kept coming back to the notion that he was just sort of maxed out: A full bed, a desk for his computer, a giant beanbag for his gaming area … there just wasn’t much space, and rearranging it felt like it wouldn’t net much.

I proposed a loft, and after a little debate we decided to add it to my backlog.

Thinking back to my own lofts in college, and remembering when Ben had a rickety IKEA one when he was much younger, one thing I knew I wanted to get rid of was the need for a ladder or a climb up the end from floor-level. After some poking around, I found this design on

3154812535 1342629050

It had a few benefits:

  • stairs instead of ladders, with a deck at a decent level to make it easy to get in and out of the bed
  • simple design using 2x4 and 2x6, with no tricky cuts or techniques.
  • easily modified design: I could see how to increase its depth to accommodate a full bed, increase its width to go wall-to-wall in Ben’s room, and increase the height of the down-below area to make it easier for 6’2” Ben to get in and out.

Ben signed off and we took about three days to complete the basic loft, from clearing out his room to give me space to build all the way to screwing the stairs down to complete it.

Besides modifying the basic dimensions, I reused Ben’s IKEA slats system, rather than putting the mattress down on 2x4s for a little better feel.

Because I ended up going wall-to-wall, I was able to add more stability to offset the increased height and width by bolting ledgers to two of the walls and anchoring to them. I experimented with knee braces before settling on that, and they helped a lot, but just anchoring on ledgers makes it rock solid.

He was able to use it on the first night:

IMG 0237

On the second, I had the deck in place, but couldn’t quite get to the stairs.

On the third night, I had the stairs in place, and we decided to partially enclose the bottom area with a piece of plywood:

IMG 0286

The plywood didn’t sit that well with me visually, even less so when I built a sliding barn door for the bottom, so I got some cedar fencing and cut it to size to provide a facade that matches the door:

IMG 0396

IMG 0397

The wall and door make it feel pretty cozy down below. He put an extra rug down, and it works with the mattress ceiling to dampen the sound in there, creating this sense that you’re in a very different space from the outer room.

Springwater & Floodplain

Fiiiiinally took the time to get pi-hole up on the Synology. Pausing for a moment to remember the day my server started making burnt plastic smells in the nursery and I decided shared hosting was probably fine for my purposes.

Morning coffee walk and the first COVID Couches of 2021

Hug Point

Oswald West & Cannon Beach

Hug Point

Rainy and quiet in Manzanita

Manzanita, a little before midnight.