Night walk around Lents and Foster Rd.


Springwater and Foster Floodplain Thanksgiving walk

Woodstock alleys

Night around Foster (and the return of Furniture of COVID).

Morning walk for coffee

“Get comfortable with an ortholinear 40% board” thing: Colorized the number row layer differently for evens and odds. Don’t know if it’d be as necessary with a staggered keyboard, but the Planck messes with my muscle memory enough to require a visual cue for now.

Copying Excel formulas I can never remember into gists: Management apotheosis complete.

In for a penny, in for a Planck

The iPhone 12 mini is just right. I don’t leave the house without a not-phone camera, so that tradeoff doesn’t bother me. Great to have a truly small phone with up-to-date innards. Maybe our long “hold a giant slab to your head” nightmare is ending. My thumb already feels better.

So Herbert Hoover wasn’t a bad president? Confused rn.

o-rings, so those well-mannered Cherry Browns are a hair less “clack” and a bit more “thud.”

Flu shot day


The whole ortholinear thing … it’s interesting to slow down and make my fingers do the right thing instead of what I allowed them to do for all these years. It’s learning to type again, unlearning keys I wired to the wrong fingers when I was, like, 8 and using mom’s typewriter.

Moonlander adaptation

The Moonlander config tool is pretty awesome, but the layout takes some adapting, so when getting used to ortholinear keys frustrated me too badly I spent some time customizing. So far I have a simple macro layer for invoking my SizeUp presets, which lived in some awkward chords, and I made macros to switch to a few apps I would usually cmd-tab to.

Walk around SE

Two-handed variant of good ol’ Cosmic Encounter. It’s busier and there’s more entropy.

Glenwood Park. Just a few more days of the show left.

Blue doors

Oldtown Noir

Here and there, Oldtown and Division

Victory walk