Oldtown Noir

Here and there, Oldtown and Division

Victory walk

So much this rn

Night walk around Hawthorne & Belmont

This thing is both awesome and bonkers. I never thought I’d need to check a keyboard for a spacebar, but here we are and I am feeling stubborn about the situation. Current typing speed: 100 words per hour.

So glad Bella’s has hung in there and thrived.

Morning after walk

Fall on the Springwater and Foster Floodplain

Floodplain pano

Night close-in

Don’t think I’ve seen Glenwood Park quite this vibrant ever.

I think 23mm (crop) is pretty much my focal length.

View from the porch

Someone sent me a possum. Thank you, anonymous possum donor!

Night walk around SE Portland

Bourbon, cider, and ginger ale. And how’s your evening?

Foster Floodplain

Springwater and Foster Floodplain walk

Mr. Heater! Also slipped heavy, steel chains into the pockets of the curtains and used a grommet kit and bungie toggles to hold the curtains together in the wind. Next up, a 20 gallon tank … just using little Coleman cook stove tanks right now.

Night walk in downtown Portland

Night walk along Foster Road

Eight years today

Night walk around Mt. Scott

Night walk around Lents