Lensbaby on the Springwater

Evening walk

Here and there

Here and there


Around the Springwater at dusk

… and this is the one in the mental catalogue under “too good for you,” so it’s going to get a lot of my time.

In my mental catalogue, this one was The Last-Mile Commuter. Now it’s just “pretend you’re taking corners downtown on this thing.”

Open enough

Evening walk

Skate kids

Q-Boats of Late Capitalism, Volume II

“Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage”:

“Third-party delivery platforms, as they’ve been built, just seem like the wrong model, but instead of testing, failing, and evolving, they’ve been subsidized into market dominance.”

Personal moral tragicomedy: Doordash seemed to take the lead in the “whom should we order from” rankings because it was doing better about worker wages than some of the others. Have some ethics whack-a-mole to go with your pizza.

“I at least had a sense of humor about it until I didn’t” moment: A Google person turning up to reassure the author that, as with all the big platforms, you’re welcome to play a perpetual game of defense, forever looking for the next thing that will destroy your reputation or business, and then filling out a bunch of forms to make it stop. For now. There’ll always be another attempt.

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I have never drilled a hole in concrete before, so that was fun. Also pretty satisfying to hammer the anchor in and ratchet the whole thing down. One little hunk of metal anchored to concrete and suddenly the whole thing isn’t just an idea any more.

current_kcrw_to_things dot r b

I listen to KCRW’s Eclectic 24 stream all day long these days. I used to have a script that was handy for getting the artist and title from the current track of a ‘net radio stream from iTunes and making a Things todo out of it for later followup. I added the script to FastScripts, assigned it to a keyboard shortcut, and it lets me just notice that I like a song, hit a keystroke, and know that the track info has been tucked away in a todo for later, so I can explore the artist a little better without breaking flow now.

That script was also a decent example of the old rb-appscript library, which allows you to write Ruby to automate Mac apps with Apple events instead of AppleScript. It was a little wonky, but it definitely made it much easier to write pretty neat desktop automations that would have involved wrangling a bunch of OSAXen with their own weird ideas.

Sadly, when I picked up my all-day stream listening habit again under The Current Circumstances, I found it wasn’t working very well: a lot of streams aren’t Doing it Right any longer, including KCRW.

Fortunately, at least, KCRW keeps its historical playlist info in JSON, so it only took about 20 minutes to:

  • Discover that rb-appscript is dead, but there’s a drop-in replacement for it called rb-scpt that works fine even if Apple is quietly killing a few supporting APIs.
  • Poke around in the source for the KCRW playlist page to figure out where it hides the JSON.
  • Take out the parts that talk to iTunes/Music to get the track info and replace them with a quick “what’s item 0 in the playlist JSON”?

rb-scpt is drop-in enough that I didn’t have to change any of that stuff from rb-appscript.

Anyhow, gist:

iA Writer has added micro.blog support and I’m pretty thrilled

iA Writer has added micro.blog support and I’m pretty thrilled about that. Nice to have a polished writing tool that publishes straight to my blog, can interact with version control, and has a good variety of export options. There are a few “Markdown word processors” out there, including Ulysses, but iA Writer is hitting some sort of sweet spot for me.

The workflow is kind of interesting, too: You write the post in iA Writer, “publish” from the iOS share sheet, and get taken to the micro.blog site where the content sits as a draft you can edit further or publish.

Some kind of round-trip editing would be nice, but as a way to use a comfortable tool to write a post and shoot it off, this is fine: There are other ways to edit posts once they’re up, and I don’t usually aim to do much more than fix typos or add brief updates once I’ve posted something.

New shirt

Bought a bag of Stumptown Hairbender. It’s an incredibly nostalgic flavor: I was so happy when I started at Puppet and found an AeroPress in the kitchen there. I’d always favored darker roasts but Hairbender was what there was and I loved it. I’ve been on a tea kick, but this has been a nice flashback cup.

It’s great to see people expressing their support for health care and other essential workers.

Do we have any tools besides shame or trying to make them feel stupid to help them take the next step of understanding that these people need material support they aren’t getting?

Afternoon walk to Fubon.

Night walk around Lents.

Night walk through Lents with Ben.

Insisting on keeping the camera on is the open office of mental health, with the difference that there’s not even a cost driver underneath the assorted rationales.

I wonder how to constructively shift people on this.

The core of this story about someone becoming a foreign intelligence asset sounds familiar: Lots of people can’t get clearances over money. The aside about redirecting someone’s ambition to turn them into an asset years in the future is sort of amazing. “The friendly Mr. Wu

Tea on the patio

That very special time in every post session where I manage to think within 30 seconds of each other, “omg why doesn’t Lightroom have this same feature Lightroom Classic does?” and then “omg Lightroom Classic is so bloated and slow wtf?”