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My periodic productivity plaint and a non-thread

Task management software. Ugh. I cycle between Things, OmniFocus, and org-mode. I’ve used Remember the Milk, Todoist, plain old Apple Reminders, Trello, and Evernote, but their respective ergonomics rule them out. Work is getting complex […]


Supporting an Open Door Culture by Listening

The thing I’m most proud of as a manager came not from “taking charge” and leading, but from deciding the best use of my authority was to assert my right to be guided by others who hadn’t been given that authority. 


Thinking About Priorities

Prioritization is job one for a manager. This is a tool to build an ongoing practice of thinking about what’s important and how what you’re actually doing lines up with that.


I bought my team copies of @shanley Kane’s book. I think you should buy it for yours.

The fact that she sometimes is considered a radical, that she’d feel the need to label those ideas radical, just underscores how badly twisted our collective work culture has become.