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Journals Against Stories

Journaling has created a book-ending joy to go with the joy of those moments where I catch myself making up a story in my head and manage to stop doing it.


“That didn’t happen!”

How do you catch yourself when you’re about to talk yourself into believing a story is real?


Please be considerate of my neighbors

So, here’s a scenario to try on: You’ve just woken up in your tent down on the Springwater Trail. You climbed into a sleeping bag the night before. The temperature was headed down to the […]


You can’t say what you are, but you should try anyhow.

We can open ourselves to hearing what’s right, and we can try to choose what’s right, or at least choose what’s less wrong. We can accept that we’ll sometimes fail at that. We can allow ourselves to be held accountable. We can try again.



This is a story of getting things wrong, and perhaps continuing to get things wrong, but not knowing exactly what to do besides what I’ve come up with. prologue When I lived in Bloomington, IN, […]


9, 23, 25, 26, 29, 33, 35, 39 & 46

Some days, I feel naive or clueless and I think to myself that I might be wrong, and that I might be giving the wrong answer on a cosmic test.