Here and there


Around the Springwater at dusk

… and this is the one in the mental catalogue under “too good for you,” so it’s going to get a lot of my time.

In my mental catalogue, this one was The Last-Mile Commuter. Now it’s just “pretend you’re taking corners downtown on this thing.”

Open enough

Evening walk

Skate kids

I have never drilled a hole in concrete before, so that was fun. Also pretty satisfying to hammer the anchor in and ratchet the whole thing down. One little hunk of metal anchored to concrete and suddenly the whole thing isn’t just an idea any more.

iA Writer has added support and I’m pretty thrilled

iA Writer has added support and I’m pretty thrilled about that. Nice to have a polished writing tool that publishes straight to my blog, can interact with version control, and has a good variety of export options. There are a few “Markdown word processors” out there, including Ulysses, but iA Writer is hitting some sort of sweet spot for me.

The workflow is kind of interesting, too: You write the post in iA Writer, “publish” from the iOS share sheet, and get taken to the site where the content sits as a draft you can edit further or publish.

Some kind of round-trip editing would be nice, but as a way to use a comfortable tool to write a post and shoot it off, this is fine: There are other ways to edit posts once they’re up, and I don’t usually aim to do much more than fix typos or add brief updates once I’ve posted something.

New shirt

Bought a bag of Stumptown Hairbender. It’s an incredibly nostalgic flavor: I was so happy when I started at Puppet and found an AeroPress in the kitchen there. I’d always favored darker roasts but Hairbender was what there was and I loved it. I’ve been on a tea kick, but this has been a nice flashback cup.

Afternoon walk to Fubon.

Night walk around Lents.

Night walk through Lents with Ben.

Tea on the patio

Other new shirt.

New shirt.

I put down a sheet of Astro-turf and suspended a 12x8 shade sail over our little patch of concrete in the back yard. It’s nice to sit out here with tea in the morning and listen to the birds.

Something something hammer drill and sleepers to get it next level, but this is pretty good for now.

Lunch walk on the Springwater.

Holy cow the urge to get out on a board hit hard today, so I just watched my slide video and stared at the quiver trying to decide which one I’m going out on first when the coast is clear. Pretty sure it’ll be the Subsonic or the Pantheon. The Comet calls but baby steps.

Walk to Woodstock for Otto’s hot dogs

My dead trees copy of this wonderful little book is trapped at my desk in the office. So glad it has made it into digital formats. I got it for my Kobo this morning.

Curled up with a good book

Walk to Bella’s for sourdough starter