Some Notes on How to Listen to People

Last year I was asked to put down some thoughts about how to have an active listening practice as a manager or leader. It was a little frustrating because a few people interacted with it […]


The Mid-Life Longboard Purchase and Use Lifecycle: A Selection of Advice

I’ve bought a few longboards over the past couple of months. Some for me, some for the rest of the family. In the process of doing that, I’ve read dozens of pages and watched plenty […]


Two Wheels, Four Wheels, Big Wheels, Small Wheels

A post shared by Mike Hall (@pdxmph) on Sep 6, 2018 at 8:20am PDT I wish I’d done more blogging when I began motorcycling, because I didn’t capture a few things it would have been […]


(D)ROU Things Other Than Smart at 120 Miles

I bought a Honda Rebel 500 this weekend and put 120 miles on it between bringing it down from Washington, riding my route to work to see if I needed to think about anything I […]



The filter-heavy apps of the mobile photography age let people who aren’t photographers imbue their pictures with a sense of meaning they couldn’t before. I think that’s okay.


2018 Media Diet

I started the new year trying on some new media habits. No More Aggregators I got rid of Apple News and Google News. I really came to hate wondering what they were going to slip […]


Tools for Playing with Fujifilm Film Presets

A few plugins and Fujifilm’s own RAW Studio software make it easier to reproduce in-camera JPEGs in Lightroom, or learn how the different film simulations and tone settings interact.


Journals Against Stories

Journaling has created a book-ending joy to go with the joy of those moments where I catch myself making up a story in my head and manage to stop doing it.


“That didn’t happen!”

How do you catch yourself when you’re about to talk yourself into believing a story is real?


Some Notes on My Fujifilm Lens Collection

I promised an email to a friend about my Fujifilm X-mount lenses, but figured I might as well blog about them and include a few samples. Prior to buying an X-T2, I usually had a […]