dot unplanned is the personal website of Mike Hall.

At the beginning of 2020, I’m a senior director of engineering at Puppet in Portland, Oregon. You can read my professional particulars on LinkedIn, look at some other pictures I’ve taken on Instagram, and see whatever it is I’m tweeting about on Twitter.


dot unplanned is hosted by, which makes it awfully easy to set up a tiny blog and crosspost to Twitter. If you still want to have a blog and the idea of dealing with WordPress vexes you, makes it simple to start and use, but leaves open a little room for complexity.


Hello was originally designed for Hugo by Radek Kozieł

dot unplanned uses the Hello theme with slight customizations to add my own menu items. My version of Hello is provided by If you decide to customize it, make sure you grab the version on GitHub and not the version meant for Hugo.


The images lightbox is a direct application of a howto by Steve Layton.

Production works great with MarsEdit (Mac). For mobile, I use the iOS app.