Work is beginning to tip back into that state where there are enough different things happening in enough different areas with enough different kinds of stuff to track that 3x5 cards, pieces of paper, and iOS Reminders aren’t cutting it anymore. And my role has changed enough recently that I don’t even know what I think of all the tools I have on hand:

  • OmniFocus
  • Things
  • org-mode
  • Trello
  • Notion

org-mode feels like the front-runner: One of the things that is absolutely thrilling me about how my team is thinking about our hybrid-remote future is growing consensus that more stuff needs to be happening in long-form writing. org-mode is awesome at blending the act of tracking the stuff you need to do with that. Once you’ve done that writing, it’s easy to get an artifact you can squirt into whatever your document ecosystem is: A Google Doc, a Markdown file, etc.

beorg has gotten pretty good, too. A little wonky sometimes, but it works fine as an inbox on a mobile device.

It is still on my wishlist to have a really good iOS text editor that understands org syntax and supports it with a few keyboard shortcuts. Like, “Ulysses but with org syntax.”