Fujifilm recently updated the X100V to make it work with its X-Webcam software.. I’d been using X-Webcam on and off with my old X-T2, but had some reliability issues, causing it to drop out in the middle of Zoom meetings so I gave up on it.

WIth the X100V, it’s a simple USB-C connection, the X100V itself has a webcam setting specific to the software, and the camera doesn’t seem to power off or time out, even over long calls. When you do shut down Zoom or whatever it’s acting as an input source to, the camera does go to sleep after however long your power timeout is, so you have to reach up and press the shutter release to get it to wake back up for your next call, but that’s a 5 second process and the payoff is way higher video quality and a nice array of settings: Fujifilm’s film simulations along with shadow/highlight tone, saturation, and sharpness. I’m kind of a Classic Chrome/neutral tones kinda person.

I need to go find an Arca mount for my desktop camera stand to make it easier to grab the X100V for actual, you know, picture-taking.