“Working class people who haven’t been to college rarely confront each other by calling each other out. They banter, they joke, they express anger in that egalitarian style that implies they’re ready for an argument. Generally, they don’t correct, because they don’t like bosses and don’t want to be one.

“Middle class people, however, are trained to respect bossing and bossiness, so the result is a version of anti-oppression work that reinforces class roles. That version doesn’t question the effectiveness of ‘calling out’; it comes from being socialized to play the economic role of the middle class: managing, correcting, sorting people into acceptable and unacceptable.”

– “Break out of your class bubble, get training and win!

This crystallizes a lot for me, both in terms of my approach when I have facilitated anti-oppression training and in terms of my reaction to “calling out.”