I want to write up the mini soon, but the main anecdote I will offer is that even running under Rosetta , Lightroom Classic is so much better behaved than it ever was on a 16” MBP. Syncing a lot of RAWs always made the fans spin up and made the machine close to unusable for other stuff. I once kicked a sync off during a Zoom call and had to pause it because the machine couldn’t keep up. On the m1 mini, I forget that it is syncing. No fan, everything stays smooth and responsive.

It is hard for me to fathom the way the “economy” end of Apple’s lineup is outperforming the “middle of the high end” machine I had for comparison. Just imagine a Beowulf cluster of these things.

Outside the Karabiner bug I just discovered, it has also been a very smooth transition. Most of my apps are ported to Apple silicon, and the only one that both remains unported and doesn’t work at all is Starcraft: Remastered.