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Solitairica is pretty fun! It’s a rogue-lite solitaire card crawler thing with character classes, procedurally generated bosses, and a lot of polish. The art reminds me a lot of the Kingdom Rush series, and it has a similar sense of humor.

The classes are pretty well differentiated, with some interesting dynamics to attend to for each depending on their unique starting spells or ability. I seem to do best with the spellcaster types, can’t really crack the code on the tanks, and have had middling success with the healer types.

Part of the fun has been experimenting with different builds: You buy spells and items throughout the game as you earn gold, all of which show up in the store at random, so you never know which will be available before a given round. There’s also no perfect build. Some of the bosses use direct attacks, requiring a lot of armor and healing gear; some alter cards on the table in such a way that you need to be able to cleanse or remove them quickly. By the time a 19-match progression is in the final stages, you’re swapping spells and items in and out to cope with the (unique each time) characteristics of a given boss, so it’s wise to think in terms of grabbing things that you might not need right now, but will when a certain permutation of boss shows up. The store allows you to place a hold on an item you can’t afford for a little gold, which is also a good way to keep certain spells available until you need them.

I think it’s a pretty good comment on the game’s balance that a lot of rounds come down to “just one health left, one card to remove, boss has a finishing move queued up, will the right card come up?” sorts of situations. Those moments far outweigh the occasional “can’t draw a single useful card” wipeouts.

It also suits my gaming lifestyle: Each round takes about five minutes (barring some bosses that have annoying game-prolonging abilities) so it’s great for picking up and putting down throughout the day. I think I like the vague reminder of Hearthstone, which I put down because the solitaire modes weren’t what I wanted.

Available on Steam, iOS, and Google Play. It’s $3.99, and while it has IAP, it’s just for a few extra decks/classes, so it’s not the gross kind.