“Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage”:

“Third-party delivery platforms, as they’ve been built, just seem like the wrong model, but instead of testing, failing, and evolving, they’ve been subsidized into market dominance.”

Personal moral tragicomedy: Doordash seemed to take the lead in the “whom should we order from” rankings because it was doing better about worker wages than some of the others. Have some ethics whack-a-mole to go with your pizza.

“I at least had a sense of humor about it until I didn’t” moment: A Google person turning up to reassure the author that, as with all the big platforms, you’re welcome to play a perpetual game of defense, forever looking for the next thing that will destroy your reputation or business, and then filling out a bunch of forms to make it stop. For now. There’ll always be another attempt.

(via MeFi)