iA Writer has added micro.blog support and I’m pretty thrilled about that. Nice to have a polished writing tool that publishes straight to my blog, can interact with version control, and has a good variety of export options. There are a few “Markdown word processors” out there, including Ulysses, but iA Writer is hitting some sort of sweet spot for me.

The workflow is kind of interesting, too: You write the post in iA Writer, “publish” from the iOS share sheet, and get taken to the micro.blog site where the content sits as a draft you can edit further or publish.

Some kind of round-trip editing would be nice, but as a way to use a comfortable tool to write a post and shoot it off, this is fine: There are other ways to edit posts once they’re up, and I don’t usually aim to do much more than fix typos or add brief updates once I’ve posted something.