Fujifilm X100V Full Specs Leaked - Fuji Rumors

Looks like the X100V has most of all of the in-camera goodness we got in the X-Pro3, but with a more standard tilt screen and a fixed lens. People who have compared specs say it doesn’t look like weather resistance made it in, so I’m not super interested.

Hot take: The X-Pro3 is my weather-resistant rangefinder style replacement for my X100F. I waited two years to make the switch to a replaceable lens rangefinder that could survive a Portland winter. If you’re not the type to sit out in the rain waiting for a shot, I’ll just note that the X100 series is otherwise a delight, and that it was an X100S that rekindled my interest in photography.

If you came up on the orthodox “nifty fifty” lens, the X100’s wideish 23mm lens (35mm in film/full-frame sensor terms) takes a little getting used to, but once it clicks you pretty much have a camera that does a little of everything and doesn’t take up much space.