I felt irritated that MarsEdit wouldn’t hand Markdown editing off to anything besides BBEdit & TextWrangler. Ended up sort of glad to go through fixing up my BBEdit config on this machine. It’s such a nice tool if you live in a range of purposes starting at “simple Markdown editor” and ending somewhere around either “single-file scripting project” or “a website,” depending on the website. There are plenty of configuration options for that range of functionality, wrapped in a reasonably discoverable configuration interface.

I don’t think I’ve ever used anything better for the “utility text mangling” use case, either. It is so easy to import a lump of textual data and massage it, with nice automation affordances if it’s a task you have to perform a lot. During my web editing days, I had a small toolkit of BBEdit scripts and text factories for each of the writers I worked with that made it super easy to flatten out their HTML idiosyncrasies. There are so many ways people think you should be able to make a heading in HTML, and automation allows you to forget they exist once you’ve cataloged them all.

I’d appreciate an iOS port of BBEdit that remembered my editing preferences across versions and ensured version control support was in the iOS version, somehow. A lot BBEdit’s greatness on the Mac is down to its amenability to extending it with scripts. I guess that’s where the versions would diverge: I’d want to see pretty tight Workflow integration on the iOS side.