I’ve had this iPhone 11 Pro Max for an evening and early morning, and it’s good! At least, it has subverted a few expectations and the one disappointment I can name is me wanting something it’s unfair to expect.


  • It doesn’t feel huge. I had a hard time one-handing my iPhone X, anyhow, so this is just me saying “now my thumb can quit hyperextending coz this is a two-hander.” It doesn’t make my pocket feel stuffed. Was the big version of the 6 thicker or something?

  • The camera’s night mode is initially impressive. Looking forward to playing with it. Given a steady grip and a static scene, it turns out images you can work with. I do want to see how they look on a big screen.

  • The ultra wide lens is interesting and opens up a lot of possibilities. Having that sort of oddball focal length could help a lot of people approach their phone camera like a legitimate creative tool, and that’s cool.

  • The big screen + an SD reader + Lightroom mobile = a decent mobile image processing lab.

Not so good

  • That ultra-wide is an f2.2 lens. On such a small sensor it gets noisy fast and you don’t get night mode or RAW shooting with it. For now it’s best as a daytime lens. Hard to be too annoyed. It can only get better as Apple iterates.


I ordered a Moment lens case. This thing will probably destroy my appetite for a compact point and shoot. The battery + a case that can take Peak Design anchors = a great tourist camera when I’m not feeling my big camera.

The ultra wide lens is just going to be a playground.