I’d like it if Lightroom added to the virtual copy model with tags for screen/mobile/print. I do stuff to images destined for Instagram or Twitter that I end up walking back for print. They have to add virtual copies to the mobile apps at all, first.

But it’d be nice, if working in LR Mobile, to have the option to say “open this image as a virtual copy tagged mobile.” The things I’m willing to do with sharpness, clarity, and saturation for something that people will see on a phone are way different from what I’d put on my gallery site or produce as a print. As I’ve worked back through my LR collection I’ve found myself winding back editing decisions because I’m curating for galleries vs prepping for mobile.

Being able to trigger application of a preset on those automatic virtual copies would be cool, too: bump clarity, bump saturation/vibrancy, sharpen, ready to share.