Here’s another okay guide to becoming a morning person.

It wasn’t exactly a New Year resolution but I did decide to start waking up at 5:30 every morning because I like having a morning routine, and I had started drifting toward “whatever will let me rush out the door to get to my first meeting of the day.”

So now I get up at 5:30 every morning on weekdays, and get out of bed when I wake up on weekends. The two times are converging the more I get up early on the weekdays. It’s nice. I put on a kettle, toast a bagel, read the news, make sure I’m at the top of a few inboxes, take my time walking the dog, and get to the Max stop in plenty of time. I’ve thought about backsliding a few times but I love having my morning reading time too much to want to go back.

I do have to watch screen time at night. It helps to get off the iPad or laptop an hour before sleep time and pick up on the Kobo (which has a pretty nice amber backlight that gets more orangeish as your configured bedtime approaches).

I’ve also been watching sugar a lot more lately. I put honey in my morning tea, have a dessert on weekends, but otherwise keep it out as much as is practical.

I think that’s helped me do okay with less sleep as I get used to earlier rising. Sugar has a really bad effect on my mood, and combining it with less than seven hours of sleep risks a pretty bad day. I’ve been getting as few as six hours of sleep the past few weeks as I’ve followed the advice of letting my body tell me when to go to bed, and I haven’t felt wrecked. My smart alarm app tells me that I’m getting pretty high quality sleep.