Another on-this-day thing: Meeting Randy Couture and Matt Lindland in 2007. That was just before Couture’s fight with Tim Sylvia was announced. Couture won two months later, ending the most tedious heavyweight reign of all time.

Goodness I was opinionated:

Sylvia doesn't fight to win or reestablish his right to the title ... he fights to not lose and to keep his belt, which he adores. When he's pressed on the issue, he insults fans who are bored with his caution by accusing them of being knuckleheads who just want to watch a slug match and claims the "real insiders" know what he's up to. That is self-serving pap.

Couture was 44 or so at the time, too, which made the whole thing even more amazing. Five rounds against a 6’8” guy and he came up off the mat after the fifth round looking like he’d just taken a light jog.