maintain 5:30 a.m. waking time on a Sunday ✅
remember to use Libby and reserve ebooks I briefly considered buying ✅
fix Ben’s toilet ✅
fix Ben’s bathroom door ✅
put a motion detector in the bathroom where everyone leaves the lights on ✅
put the front porch lights on dusk/dawn sensor ✅
get rid of the terrible smart lock on the front door, replace with dumb keypad ✅
fiiiiinally replace that burned out oven hood light ✅

… and Al goes back to work tomorrow after seven months off.

The one thing I didn’t get figured out this weekend is getting a smart switch installed for the living room. We’ve got a three-switch panel, with one of the switches turning an outlet on and off (I’m guessing that’s for a lamp), but we don’t touch it because there’s a Hue switch next to it. I found a cool “build your own panel” kit that would let me mix and match faders and switches, and just put a blank in place for that needless switch, but they were missing the color I needed.

Next weekend.