Last night went to figuring out how to get all my Kindle books into a format I could use on my new Kobo.

“Figuring out” isn’t quite right, because it sounds like I figured it out. It isn’t particularly hard, so what I was really doing was picking through a few Google results to find instructions that worked for someone on a Mac. The race between Amazon and book liberation hobbyists seems sort of slow-moving, so there was one false start because the author of the page forgot to mention that the process they were documenting didn’t work any longer until the very end of the guide. Judging from the number and quality of the ads plastered on that page, I attribute that organizational choice to simple dinginess of spirit on the part of the author. Anyhow … it was a quick process.

The Kobo links to Dropbox, by the way, so there’s a cable-free way to move things onto it.

So, I liberated a bunch of books and moved them onto the Kobo and was pretty happy with the results: The cover images came over, everything looked fine, I was reminded of books I bought but didn’t read, and I was happy to actually have my books back instead of simply knowing I could probably have my books back.

Then this morning the Libby app notified me an ebook I put on hold at the library was available, and then there it was on the Kobo.

It was sort of interesting to pause and think about how good it was to take a few weeks off of work. I was sick for the first part of it, but it was an amazing feeling to wake up feeling better after fretting I’d spend the entire break sick and realizing I had nine more days ahead of me. I haven’t taken that much time off in over ten years.

The time went to a few hobbies that have been languishing, so the feeling of having my e-reading situation sorted added to a general glow I’ve been experiencing of finally having things squared away in such a way that my time away from work can be spent enjoying the hobby instead of organizing the hobby.