A few days ago I came across this joyous, exuberant, mildly nebbishy in a “senior solos spring concert that never ended” sort of way cover of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.”

That led me to the real thing

… and that led me to this equally joyous, exuberant, 26-minute-long breakdown of why it’s such a great song.

I was in third grade when I first heard this song. The two coolest girls in class – Julie and Patty – did a dance routine for the school talent show. That night I went home and had a dream that I married Julie and carried her through a field of flowers.

Then the song just sorta became a thing that you know about, heard at a time in your life when you couldn’t really appreciate what’s going on in there, and then a thing played to death on FM stations, and then a banal cliché you can’t hear at all.

Sorta nice to serendipitously stumble into a set of things that show how much was going on in something I haven’t heard with fresh ears in 44 years.