Priorities v0.6

March 13th, 2016  |  Published in tech

I got to spend a few hours on Priorities over the weekend. I put one thing back that the older app had, and added something new.

The thing that went back in was a conception of “effort” and a calculated combination of “effort” + “support” that yields something I’m calling “burden” internally, and “cost” in the UI. I could change it to one or the other, but I haven’t made up my mind which I like better, so I’m keeping it that way so the sense of misalignment will eventually spur me to a decision.

The idea of “effort” and “cost” is to capture the idea that not all goals take the same amount of work. By adding up the effort expended to work on the goal, and the level of relative support it’s getting, you can reflect a sense of what it actually costs to work on that goal.

The new thing I added is a little dashboard for goal health on each user’s home page:

Goals status

It’s just a simple tally of the number of goals in each state of health (good, medium, poor, unknown). If you’re using Priorities with other users who’ve shared lists with you, the tally shows up in your “Shared” list of lists, as well.

I guess there’s one other change: I’m assuming postgres for the app db in all environments. There are instructions in the database.yml file for how to set up sqlite as the db backend if you’d prefer that.

Source, as always, is up on GitHub. I’m also hosting a version I’m happy to share with others. Feel free to ping me if you’d like to learn how to get a login.

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