Docs Decomposer Week 7

April 5th, 2015  |  Published in ruby

This weekend I solved a problem I’ve been bothered by for weeks: Given a list of pages with a dynamic priority or risk button on each row, the sortable tables didn’t reflect changes in priority or risk until I reloaded the page. It felt good to see that one go down, and it felt good to drop a bunch of lines of code in the process.

So, I think we’re done here. Or at least, we’re in a place where I can do everything with this tool I wanted to do, plus a few things I hadn’t thought of at the time.

I didn’t keep very close track of my time. If I had to guess, I think I spent somewhere around 40-50 hours, or an average of an hour a day from my first commit on February 13. The vast majority of that time was here and there on weekends, but I put in a few lunches, too. It occupied a funny space: I didn’t want to devote work work to it in case I got stuck and couldn’t see it through. So it felt better to file it under “hobby that may prove useful.”

Other stuff I finished up this weekend:

  • Some rake automation, which makes setting everything up pretty quick.
  • A HTML reimport button, to refresh the contents of a page if the underlying content in the git repo hasn’t been recently refreshed.
  • User pages, so it’s possible to look up a user and all their commented or flagged pages.
  • Sortable tables that work.
  • Unicorn/nginx, which was ops’ recommended approach to get this thing onto an internal box.

Stuff I’d like to do next:

  • Connecting Devise, which I’m using for authentication, with LDAP.
  • An “export new metadata” gadget, to make it easier for writers to quickly generate new YAML frontmatter that includes their tags and risk assessment, for copy and paste into documentation.
  • Revising the importers to understand our pre-release content repository and internal preview servers.
  • Write some tests. I’ve never really done much with testing, and I’d like to learn how. That’d make my friend in ops, who’s been helping me get this ready to deploy somewhere, a little happier with the whole affair.

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