Docs Decomposer Weekend 3

March 8th, 2015  |  Published in ruby


I added a Comment model to the project this weekend, then wired it up to a modal form. Useful things I learned to use this weekend:

  • simple_form, which makes it a little easier to write forms in Rails, and which understands Bootstrap.
  • markdownizer, which can take a text column and render it to Markdown on creation, which will help make the comments a little more expressive.

And since I’m using twitter-bootstrap-rails, I got some handy freebies for styling the flash with Bootstrap text styles.

A few things I didn’t get to:

  • Making it possible for users to delete their own comments.
  • Making it possible for users to edit their own comments.
    In other words, the comments feature sort of sucks, but at least you can suffer in Markdown.

  • Connecting the act of flagging to invoking the comments form.

And to replace the spreadsheet we came up with to review the upstream platform docs last week, I probably need to add a tags field of some kind. I think that’s a solved problem.

One more weekend?

Docs Decomposer

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