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December 23rd, 2014  |  Published in tech

I ran through Steve Losh’s the Homely Mutt, which I am willing to stand behind as the best guide to setting up mutt on a single-user system, if you’re okay with running server-style stuff on a laptop or desktop machine. Personally, I’m not (for fiddly, neurotic aesthetic reasons). You can run mutt just fine via standard IMAP if you’re okay with giving up really good search via notmuch, but the package Losh puts together (mutt, offlineimap to Maildir, notmuch for search, postfix as a relay) gives you the very best mutt experience and gives you a local backup of all your mail you can access with anything else that groks Maildir. So if you’re in an erratic orbit around Emacs with stuff like GNUS, well, a little investment in offlineimap reaps years of futzing with email clients.

Anyhow, I do have a Linux box running under a desk at home along with mosh, which makes my logins to it from work feel pretty persistent. So given a thing I think of as a “shell box,” I’m fine running offlineimap on a cron job and postfix in dumb satellite mode if it gives me the single best email client on the planet to optimize for keyboard-centric use and versatile view filtering.

Keyboard-centric view versatility is theme number one for these macros. Theme number two is separation of mail personae, which I’ve handled with the creation of mail-account-specific profile files and macros that allow me to switch between work and personal accounts quickly, and without wondering if my signature and other profile-related stuff have been set correctly when I compose a message. So anyhow, here they are:

… and here’s my whole muttrc (Gmail IMAP variant) or offlineimap/Maildir variant. I think the scores and colors (which interact with the scoring I’ve set up) are the most useful things in there.

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