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May 5th, 2013  |  Published in etc

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I’m not going to say the whole Octopress thing was a bad idea. It was a fine idea. It was just a fine idea premised on the notion that it might be fun to manage a blog with git, and that did not prove out. The whole build process is a drag, mobile blogging wasn’t something I felt like working out, and the whole “make a new post, go to it in the filesystem, edit it, remember the thing in the YAML frontmatter to toggle its liveness if you’re not done” wasn’t cool.

I’ve got a few entries to bring back, but they were more bloggy than densely informational, so I don’t think anyone’s attached to them but me. I mostly worry about people being able to find the entry about converting Mail notes to Evernote notes, because four years later, people keep finding it and appreciating it.

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Also the org-mode one one, because it really seems to make people happy.

And I’ve been thinking about pie diplomacy a lot lately.

Hey, let’s make it about something more than how the blog is run:

  • contemplative photography
  • ukulele

I did contemplative photography on my last visit to Las Vegas. I have never played a ukulele.

The contemplative photography thing sounds enticing, because I’m working outside my home and have four walks a day where building in an extra ten minutes to get to the Max stop could yield some nice results.

The ukulele thing sounds enticing for no reason I’ve managed to hold down and inspect.

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