Evernote and Repeatable Checklists

August 10th, 2012  |  Published in tech


Evernote checklist



Two of my favorite Evernote features are checkboxes and the “Copy Note To …” option. 

Since I’ve got eight sites I’ve got to do stuff on, checklists help me a lot. To make a checkbox in Evernote, you can either click on the little checkbox icon in the formatting bar for the note, or use cmd-shift-T (insert todo). A while back, I made a generic checklist of my ten sites and put it in an Evernote folder named “templates.”

When I need to use the checklist, I right-click on it and pick “Copy to Notebook” then click “Inbox,” then name the new copy something appropriate to the task I’m working on. 

Pro tip: You can search “todo:false” to find every note with an unchecked todo box in it. 

Pro pro tip: You can add a tag argument to your search to find unchecked todos in things of a given tag, e.g. “todo:false tag:work”

Pro pro pro tip: You can save that todo search by clicking File > “New Saved Search” and giving it a name. 


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