The Quacking of the Skypes

June 3rd, 2012  |  Published in tech

Adium duck

I like Adium for IM on Macs, and we use Skype for just about everything at work. I sort of don’t like having two IM programs running, so I’m pretty happy to know about the Skype API plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium.

You don’t avoid having to have Skype on your machine: For the Adium plugin to work, Skype still has to be running. But once the plugin and Skype are talking, you can do all your Skype IM stuff through Adium. You can even link statuses, so if you set yourself away on Adium, the Skype app picks that up, too. It also turns custom Adium status messages into Skype “mood messages.”

Prowl icon

Another sort of cool thing I came across a while back and have started using a little more is Prowl, an iOS app for use with the Growl notification system. You pay your $1.99, set up an account, then install a Growl plugin on your Mac. Prowl then becomes a display style you can use as you would any other Growl theme, except it sends push notifications to your iPhone. It goes well with Adium, which includes the ability to tack Growl notifications to any of its numerous events. I like getting a specific push notification to my phone for the initial message from a new chat or a Skype call, in case I’m in another part of the house when they come in.

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