Time Sunk

May 26th, 2012  |  Published in attention

I bought Time Sink exactly a month ago today, set it to start up at login, then pretty much stopped thinking about it. I probably would have continued to quit thinking about it, except today I was fiddling with some Flash blockers and happened to be looking at Activity Monitor when the app flared up for a moment and appeared at the top of the process list. So I opened up the report and took a look.

Time sink
That’s pretty much 30 days of activity on the iMac. I’m relieved to see I’ve spent more time in a terminal or BBEdit than I have in Skype (which is the work phone and IM … I make almost no personal calls from it), but maybe a little disappointed at how much time I spend in a browser (which usually involves either a lot of pointing and clicking in Drupal, or researching the best way to point and click in Drupal). 
TimeSink also does a nightly CSV report dump where it can export the names of app windows, which I had left toggled off. I just toggled it back on. I need to go tell Siri to remind me to load those reports up in a month and see what I can see. 

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