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May 31st, 2012  |  Published in drupal, web design

When Drupal thinks of time, it thinks in Unix timestamps. That is good for computers, not so good for me when I’m staring at a quick database query and just need to know when something happened, was saved, or will be updated next.

Several months back my friend Sam asked for a way to quickly convert a UNIX timestamp to a human readable date. He had a snippet of Ruby he was using, so we worked out an Automator workflow to take the mouse selection and copy the converted date to the clipboard. I usually just want to see the date, not do anything with it, so here’s a version that uses Growl to quickly display the converted date.  You need to have Growl installed. I should also note that Growl provides Automator actions, but I couldn’t get them to take input from the preceding Automator action. 

1. Install the Ruby growl gem. This will give you the Growl command line app, too:

sudo gem install ruby-growl

2. Test that the command line app is working:

echo "Hello world" | growl -H localhost

3. Fire up Automator and tell it you’re making a service:

Automator service
4. Tell Automator your new service is receiving the selected text from any application:
Automator input
5. Drag “run shell script” from the Utilities list into your workflow.
6. Paste this into the shell script action you just dragged in:

for f in "$@"
     date -r $f | growl -H localhost -t "Date from UNIX timestamp:"

7. Save it and remember its name. 

8. Assign your new service a sensible keyboard shortcut:

8a. Open System Preferences -> Keyboard and click the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab

8b. Look for your service under “Text”

8c. Click the grayed-out word “none” next to your service, then click “add shortcut”

8d. Enter your shortcut

That’s pretty much it. 

There are a few more things you can do to customize it. In the Growl System Preferences, you can pick the style of alert for “ruby-growl,” including whether or not it makes any sound and whether or not it’s sticky. 

Here’s a sample:

Growl timestamp

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