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I like reading MetaFilter. I also like playing the “Guess the Deletion” game on MetaFilter.

Materials Required

  • An RSS reader that updates frequently enough to remember items that appear on MetaFilter but are eventually deleted.

  • MetaFilter members who post lame stuff.

Game Play

  1. Read the MetaFilter RSS feed now and then. Do not click through to read comments until you complete step 2:

  2. When you think you’ve spotted a post that will surely be deleted, signify that by saying to yourself “oh boy,” or “that’s not gonna fly” or “dead.” (Feel free to amend the list of signifying phrases.)

  3. Click through. Look for the little gray box with text that begins: “This post was deleted for the following reason:”

    • Is the little gray box there? Score a point.

    • Is it not?

      • Signify that you’ve doubled down by saying “This isn’t gonna last” or something similar. Two points if it’s eventually deleted. Lose two points if it stays put.

      • Signify that you choose to lose only one point and move on to the next round by saying “Huh.”

Victory Conditions

  • We can’t tell you how to live your life.

Game Variations*

  • Gain 5 points for getting in before actual deletion and taking a big crap all over the thread provided it’s eventually deleted.

  • Lose 5 points for thinking you made it in before actual deletion and taking a big crap all over the thread, only to realize a day later that it hasn’t been deleted.

  • Gain a point for any “favorites” earned in either type of comment.

* Here is where my flat game manual affect goes out the window: It’s pretty rare for me to comment on MetaFilter, let alone engage in daredevilry like I describe here.

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