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June 5th, 2010  |  Published in mac and iphone, ruby

Remodium: Adium Remote Control

You know what drives me crazy? Walking out of the office to go get a coffee or walk Ben back from school (which usually involves a stop in the park on nice days) and forgetting how I’ve left things with IM in the office. If I forget to sign in with whatever IM app I’m using on the phone, there’s a chance there’s an unseen message in the office. If I sign in with the phone but forget to send a disconnect message to AIM, my chat archives will fill up with one-sided conversations on my desktop. And I don’t get archiving worth having if it’s all on my phone, where it’s harder to track down and copy or paste into my notes.

So Remodium is this iPhone app that acts as a remote control for the Mac IM client Adium:

Remodium allows you to remotely interact with an Adium session on your Mac from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can view existing chats, resume existing chats, or start new ones!

Using Adium, you only need to sign into your chat services once. All of your groups, contact aliases and meta-contacts will appear normally.

All Remodium chats are stored with regular Adium Chat Transcripts.

Remodium also supports Apple’s Push Notification service. Simply add “Push” to your status to be notified of any incoming messages.

If you’ve got Remodium, you can wander away from your computer and not miss anything, because you’ll get push notifications of incoming messages routed to the iPhone.

So what it can do is pretty neat.

What it can’t do is actually control everything about Adium from afar, which means if you end up wandering away from your office and all the way across town and really do not want to continue to get IMs (or represent to anybody that you’re actually online at all), you can’t sign out. If you need to change your status from “Here” to “Out to lunch,” you can’t do that, either.

On the other hand, if you were the type to carry iSSH around in your pocket, you could always rig up something like this:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require "rubygems"

require "appscript"

include Appscript

adium = app("Adium")

status_message = ARGV[0]

accts = adium.accounts.get

accts.each do |a|

  a.go_away(:with_message => status_message)


and set up a few ssh logins that do nothing more than send that command with a message of your choice.


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