Quit Facebook Day

May 19th, 2010  |  Published in etc


There are alternatives to Facebook. Understanding what is best for you will depend a lot on what you need out of your social graph on a daily basis.

That just cracks me up.

I wondered what was going to come along and replace Linux install-fests. For a while, I thought it was WordPress install-fests, but that wasn’t quite right because when someone leaves a WordPress install-fest, they have a blog. What they have when they leave the Linux install-fest could be just about anything depending on how hard they got helped, though you occasionally see these people turn up in help forums looking dazed in the way someone who just wandered out of an illegal kidney harvesting operation must look before the horse tranquilizers wear off.

By all means, though, form a Ning group. At the very least, you’ll be spared the drudgery of complaining about all these people you don’t even like trying to friend you.

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