Return of the Invisible Phonejacker Sky Pirates

February 12th, 2010  |  Published in mac and iphone


The Invisible Phonejacker Sky Pirates returned briefly today, but AT&T honored the terms of our treaty and the customer support agent promptly removed the charges on my account.

The best complement I can offer AT&T in this matter is that it has demonstrated its ability to squish all the outrage out of me:

The last customer support agent I spoke to knew these charges were out there waiting to turn up on this bill and told me as much, then assured me that I would have to do nothing … they’d just be taken care of. She was using the phrases “you won’t have to do anything” and “taken care of” in a sense that meant I would need to open my bill, realize the charge had most assuredly not been taken care of, then call AT&T and talk to a customer representative who would have to take a few minutes to look the whole sorry incident up before removing the charges.

I know they’ve beaten me, because they managed to exceed my expectations this time.

In the mean time, by way of an update to the rest of the Invisible Phonejacker Sky Pirate saga, a few folks from WebEx have been in contact and they’ve been very friendly and open about their attempts to resolve any problem that might exist on their end. It really does seem to be some sort of call routing issue that’s outside their technical control, but they’re still investigating.

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