Do I Hear Two Quatloons for “Quivering Ecstasy of the Cat-Buzzards”?

June 15th, 2009  |  Published in games

From the Star Trek Online FAQ:

Q: Will there be an economy?

A: Many of the details are still in the works, but yes, there will be an economy that makes sense in the Star Trek universe. Since the Federation has explicitly done away with money, expect bartering and trading of goods to be an important part of the economy. Less tangible forms of economics such as Reputation are also not out of the question.

I always thought Picard’s TNG season 1 soliloquy about the Federation being wrapped up in something other than the pursuit of profit was less about people being completely over currency and more about people being completely over property-based measures of value.

How many units of rigellian slugbat vomit is a kilo of Vulcan black market tribble gizzards worth in an economy with replicators? And why would an economy that presumably still needed to parcel out its energy expenditures in order to make the replicators produce equitably distributed goods and materials do away with some abstract, portable measure of individual resource allocation, like dollars or credits or steganographically etched Ceti Eel shells?

Maybe the barter and trade will be centered around non-replicatable goods (like dilithium?) and fascinating works of art produced by people who use their replicator allotments to produce towering sculptures, like Anzaz of Silonius IV and his epic “Quivering Ecstasy of the Cat-buzzards.”

Don’t know why I care. Probably won’t even be a Mac client.

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