Forward to the WiMax Future

April 9th, 2009  |  Published in etc

Update to yesterday’s post on Speakeasy, etc.:

I signed up with Clear this morning. There’s a 30 day return period on the service, so if it doesn’t live up to expectations I can still scramble the cable installers. By paying $35 up front I get the $40/month rate for a 6 meg connection with no commitment: If something besides Comcast or ragged-edge DSL ever makes its way down to Lents, I can walk away.

The gear’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, so members of the moving party should bring their laptops or other WiFi-enabled paraphernalia on Saturday … we can test the new service over pizza.

Now we’ve just got to make up our mind about our landline service. Clear has a voice offering, too, but there’s a case to be made for just switching to our cell phones. Voice and data coverage in the new neighborhood seems to be pretty solid.

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