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March 23rd, 2009  |  Published in etc

Choosy is a nifty Mac pref pane that makes it easier to be a multi-browser kinda person. It intercepts clicks on URLs from non-browser apps (like Mail or Terminal) and asks which browser the URL should be opened with via an attractive floating menu:


You can modify its behavior a few ways:

  • You can customize the list of available browsers, and prioritize them so it defaults to the one you’re most likely to use.

  • You can tell it to suggest every browser, only running browsers, or use your favorite browser automatically

  • You can change the appearance of the popup menu

The Choosy roadmap mentions much more sophisticated features, including a rules systems triggered by the app the link is clicked from or elements of the URL.

It’s really useful for me because a number of workflow tools I’ve built end with the CMS in use at my company. For whatever reason, chunks of the CMS don’t work very well with Safari, so it’s better to start a workflow triggered by something from NetNewsWire or Mail in Firefox. Choosy also has some handy bookmarklets and browser add-ons that make it possible to open the current page in another browser. So if I start a workflow in the wrong browser, it’s easier to jump over to the right one.

Oh … that brings me to a Safari thing I like and wish Firefox did: Bookmark toolbar bookmarks in Safari respond to cmd-# keystrokes. So the first bookmark in the bar can be opened with ⌘-1, the second with ⌘-2, etc. It hits a point of diminishing returns after the first several, but putting InstaPaper, Choosy, the Evernote clipper and the CSSEdit bookmarklet in the first four saves some mouse motion. There’s gotta be a Firefox add-on that does this …

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