Weasels Don’t Have ‘Philosophies’ …

February 16th, 2009  |  Published in etc

… they just have appetites.

Mark Zuckerberg on why Facebook will keep your information forever:

Our philosophy is that people own their information and control who they share it with. When a person shares information on Facebook, they first need to grant Facebook a license to use that information so that we can show it to the other people they’ve asked us to share it with. Without this license, we couldn’t help people share that information.

Zuckerberg is getting pretty good at something Google is AWESOME at: Focusing on the product you want to the exclusion of the value he extracts from it.

If Facebook were to delete all your information when you shut down your account, it would hamper Facebook’s ongoing efforts to make life easier for marketers. Facebook doesn’t really care about your information, it cares about what your information tells it about people like you. This isn’t some big crazy conspiracy theory … it’s just what Facebook does.

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