Strangely Comforting

February 23rd, 2009  |  Published in this mortal coil

I’d consider stories like this disturbing for people trying to sell their houses if, well, it were somehow hard to catch the criminal involved:

Police said they arrested a real estate agent on theft charges after he used his code to illegally enter several homes.

“Cornelius area realtor Michael Messmer was facing a judge Tuesday afternoon accused of burglarizing several homes that were for sale.

“Police said Messmer used his official code to enter homes that were for sale, raid their liquor cabinets and steal several items.

“Police said it was Messmer’s access code that helped bring the case against him because each agent has their own code, which the machine registers when the home is opened.”

Included in the realtor’s haul: Black Velvet whiskey, tequila, toiletries and an air freshener.


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