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November 26th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Almost 17 months to the day after I first bestirred myself to complain about ScriptEditor showing multiple dictionary entries then ask for help getting rid of them, I notice that dictionaries are beginning to multiply again.

The fix last time was “do backups to a disk image, then unmount the disk image so the apps in the backup can’t be indexed and show up in the list of dictionaries,” but that’s a bad “fix” because the behavior is poor if a simple mounted backup is going to cause all this clutter.

So off to the search engines I went, where I first found my own question on Ask MeFi, then this from last week:

Script Editor, Dictionaries, and Time Machine – The macosxhints Forums:

“I notice that the ‘cloned’ applications are coming from Time Machine. Apparently, Script Editor is finding “multiple” versions of the application from the applications appearing in TM’s repository. That wouldn’t be bad if there was only a single clone, but it appears that Script Editor is finding EACH AND EVERY hard link in all the backups!”

If you want to see why this is damn annoying, click (76kb JPG):


This is the second “Time Machine is neat but also kind of stupid” bug I’ve come across. The other one is the “Time Machine resurrects apps you deleted” misfeature.

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