Updated: Kindle Launches

November 19th, 2007  |  Published in etc

kindle_detail.pngYou can buy a Kindle now.

I want it to work. I’m sold on the premise. I like the free wireless connectivity. I’m glad to read that it’ll talk Mobipocket (though not if the Mobi’d file in question already has DRM of some sort applied). It won’t do PDFs, though, which is a bummer, and it’ll “let” you read your Word docs if you pay Amazon a conversion fee.

Also, wireless connectivity isn’t a huge challenge for me, and there are things like the Asus EEE out there in the world, which will also only be getting cheaper and lighter, and they’ll do more. Of course, there are mp3 players out there in the world that are cheaper and lighter and do more than the iPod, and look where that gets them. And Apple didn’t launch iTMS with a particular competency in music merchandising to begin with.

So … something to watch, anyhow. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s shaped by the demands of its first-gen users and holdouts.


Child in the house?

Update: John doesn’t dig it for things I’m not so enthusiastic about, either; but pithifies it nicely: “Hey – it’s the Zune for books!”

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