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I’ve got to do a presentation on Google Analytics tomorrow and it’s been taking up a lot of my time and attention over the past week. So much so that I’ve felt this stab of irritation every time I’ve sat down to read a few feeds that aren’t work related or go through personal mail.

Along with this, I’m tiring of NetNewsWire. Not because it’s bad or anything, but if I want it to sync between machines, I’m left with either slow-as-hell sftp, slow-as-hell .Mac, or flaky Newsgator syncing. So I’ve been spending more time with Google Reader, trying to internalize the keyboard shortcuts.

So I finally picked my work identity apart from my personal one using Firefox and the work-related Google account I had to set up anyhow. Initially I had thoughts of just using Camino for work, but there are some Firefox extensions I depend on for work, like It’s All Text.

Two Firefox things made it pretty easy:

If you run separate profiles simultaneously, you get two Firefox icons in the dock, and two discrete sessions: cmd-` only works on the windows of one session, and quitting one instance does nothing to the other. The windows of each reflect the bookmarks, privacy settings and add-ons of that profile only.

Now my work and personal identities more segregated, and there’s no cookie confusion if I move from a work-based Analytics session to a personal Gmail session, or a personal Reader session to a work Analytics session. Google gets very crabby about cookie juggling.

[Safari People: rooSwitch Lite does a sort of profile management, presumably by swapping out preference files. ]

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