A Healing Wave of Unsubbing

November 16th, 2007  |  Published in etc

I think the savagely early presidential campaign season threw me off for a while, there. It’s not like me to subscribe to any purely political sites before the actual election year, but I did for whatever reason and so was stuffed to the gills with news from the likes of Talking Points Memo and, worse, The Democratic Strategist.

But switching to Google Reader caused something wonderful to happen. For a brief while, until I learned the keyboard shortcuts, I was mousing every operation, including “mark all read.” I hate using the mouse, so having to mark a bunch of things as read that I wasn’t reading anymore was just the motivation I needed to get rid of things I don’t actually read most of. So away went all the premature political sites, just before I finally got “A” into my thick skull.

I feel immense relief. It just wasn’t time yet.

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