Sadly, “Forceful Monetization” Will Not Involve Being Chased Over a Cliff by Naked Women

October 16th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Wired — YouTube’s New Filter Makes Piracy Profitable … for Google:

When new content is uploaded to the site by users, it’s compared against the stockpile of full copies that copyright holders have submitted. Google has also announced that it’s continuing to use Audible Magic to locate pirated audio on the site as well.

From there, copyright holders can inform YouTube whether or not they want pirated content removed, promoted, or forcefully monetized. If monetization is chosen, then display advertising will be placed on top of the pirated material. YouTube and the original copyright holder split the revenue (if they have a revenue sharing agreement), and the pirate becomes one of many outlets for content aggregation.

Placeholder item. I’m more curious about reactions than I am the technology itself.

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