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October 27th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Macworld Review — Mac OS X Leopard:

In Leopard, Automator has been updated to address its two greatest limitations: you can now set and read variables during a workflow, and you can set a workflow to loop. Automator also now has a Record feature, which lets you record yourself performing certain tasks and then integrates those tasks into an Automator workflow.

I’ve recently rediscovered Automator, having decided I was wasting way too much time insisting on doing stuff in Applescript when it just wasn’t necessary. So out of all the things Apple has changed, these changes are easily in my top 10 list, because they’ll undercut the need to resort to Applescript even more.

Ed got Leopard yesterday, while we’re on the subject. Sorry to read there’s MacPorts breakage because I know I’ve got some stuff down in the guts of my workflow that depend on MacPorts bits. On the other hand, I built a GIMP development release from MacPorts just yesterday so I could take a look at the Resynthesizer plugin and was reminded why none of the MacPorts stuff I use involves a GUI — It never feels right and it doesn’t seem to talk to the rest of the Mac very well.

My inner tech Spartan id wants to mock the soft, indolent Mac bunny I’ve become when I try to drag an image from the Desktop into a GIMP window for editing. My tech superego reminds my tech Spartan id that only a dumbass would make fun of people who expect a UI to make sense and work fluidly. My inner Mac bunny whimpers gratefully (both for my tech superego’s intervention and Al’s substantial student discounts) and loads Photoshop.

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