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October 24th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Jeepers. Gmail got IMAP at some point today/this evening. I checked my account when I read about it, fully expecting I’d be among the last to see it because it has always taken a while for my account to get new features. But lo … there it was.

So that settles that: Gmail is the bestest.

Remaining feature I want: search/filtering based on address book groups. The current “foo OR bar OR baz OR eenie OR meenie OR minie OR moe” business is for the birds.

On the other hand, it does what IMAP does, which is sync with a local IMAP client.

Apple’s Mail program has a good set of rules tools, including ways to filter by address book group or status. Gmail presents its labels as IMAP folders to remote clients.

So when a mail in Mail.app is deposited in the Gmail IMAP folder for a particular label, the mail gets labeled, as is pleasing to the Lord. And the starred status of Gmail mails becomes flagged status in outside clients and v.v. as is also pleasing to the Lord.

So with the exception of protracted jaunts from home, stuff will get filed just fine using the normal Mail.app rules, with Gmail’s more primitive rules implementation providing very basic filtering.

Anyhow … Google is already telling us all this and more. I’ll quit my yammering.

Updated 12 Hour Verdict: If you plan to use Mail.app with this, do yourself a huge favor: Set it all up and walk away for a long time so Mail can do its whole cache dance.

Whatever you do, for the love of God do not open the Activity Viewer window. You’ll see things you don’t understand, they’ll upset you, and you’ll be tempted to poke at them and fiddle with things and click on the big, red Stop signs.

Just set it up and go to bed. Wake up in the morning secure in the knowledge that it will be better than it was.

If you need something to occupy your time, wear a John Gruber mask and walk around the house naked saying “I don’t see what the big deal is!” Make your loved ones wear Steve Jobs masks and teach them to respond with a placid, beatific “It matters to me, John.” Then wedge your thumb into your Gruber mask mouth-hole and say “O.k., Steve,” in a sleepy little baby voice, then go to sleep. Periodically wake up and yell “Jackass!” until dawn, when it’ll all be better.

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