Sweet Jesus Marketing People Are My Natural Enemies

September 19th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Leaks: Verizon’s Style Book For Deploying “Can You Hear Me Now?” Man:

  • Test Man should always be in character. The only line he says is “Can you hear me now? Good!” This enables him to appear completely focused on what he is doing.

  • His sole purpose is to test our network. In so doing, he takes a step, or a few steps, and then says the line “Can you hear me now? Good!” He should say “Good!” in a variety of different ways to maintain interest. Occasionally he may put more emphasis on “Good!” That emphasis strengthens the thought that he has gotten a good connection.

  • The line should always be used in its entirety. No partial line and no use of “Can you hear me now?” without “Good!” to follow.

  • Test Man will come across folks from various ethnicities in order to evoke VZWs sense of and respect for diversity.

  • In order to retain the equity we’ve built in the “V” sign, some of the people Test Man comes across will give him the “V” sign. He does not have to give the “V” sign back unless it feels natural to him. However, he must acknowledge them so that he does not appear to be aloof or rude. Remember, Test Man is focused but needs to portray a likeable character.

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