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September 25th, 2007  |  Published in etc  |  1 Comment

Amazon.com: Working for the Devil (Dante Valentine, Book 1): Books: Lilith Saintcrow:

“Tough-as-nails necromancer Dante Valentine has a problem: the devil wants her to catch a rogue demon and …”


*snort* *snuff* Huh? Whazzat?

“Fans of Laurel K. Hamilton should warm to Saintcrow’s dark, evocative debut, though the story’s weak relationship thread may disappoint aficionados of the paranormal romanc…”


So negative lately. O.k. Here’s something positive:

Michael dropped “Hunters of Dune” off just after we moved in to the new place. I received it with the enthusiasm I would have received a flaming paper sack of dog poo, but it sat there for a few days. Then it began to throb and pulse and whisper.

“I was written from an outline by Herbert the Elder! How bad could I be?

“You could be awful.”

“But there’s gratuitous use of gholas! And answers to all your pressing, unresolved questions

“Alright, damn you. Alright … just stop whispering and pulsing!”


I was not made angry by it, it exceeds the low expectations set by the “Butlerian Jihad” prequels, and in places it outperforms the cartoonish “Dune universe as action/romance milieu” of the “House” prequels, though the action/romance genes are still clearly present in its makeup.

Next action?

I’ll borrow the next one when it comes out in paperback. I don’t see riding to the library to get it out of reserve.

Recent reading I would recommend?

  • Fledgling,” by Octavia Butler (vampires refreshed) — Has echoes of the themes found in “Lilith’s Brood” and some success as both a standalone story & satisfyingly detailed vampire reinvention.

  • When Gravity Fails,” by George Alec Effinger (cyberpunk/noir) — If William Gibson truly “[reeled out of the theater in complete despair over its visual brilliance and its similarity

to the ‘look’ of Neuromancer](http://faqs.cs.uu.nl/na-dir/movies/blade-runner-faq.html)” when he saw “Blade Runner,” Effinger decided to hang around, take some notes, and bring the noirish elements forward successfully.

  • Ex Machina, The First Hundred Days,” by Brian K. Vaughan (the “Y: The Last Man” guy) — Pleased and ready to order more. I think it will replace “Transmetropolitan” in my heart. The latest “Y” tpb also showed up on a shelf (Amazon didn’t remind me about it this time), and I’m continuing to enjoy that series, but I do need to dig out vol. 1 and read up through the latest.


  1. Darren J. Schmidt says:

    September 25th, 2007 at 1:23 pm (#)

    So I guess I won’t be reading any more Dune books. Thanks for the quasi-review. But I have been reading a lot of “essential” sci-fi lately that I read on some top ten list somewhere. Finished my first read of Neuromancer a few weeks ago, and now I’m halfway through Fredrick Pohl’s Gateway.

    When does the new Battlestar season start again?

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